Why Choose Onyx?

Onyx Optics, Inc., the initiator of the Adhesive-Free Bond (AFB®), combines our 30 years of scientific, technological, and manufacturing experience with our patented AFB® technology to deliver novel optical composite designs. We have the confidence and the capability to work with a variety of unique material and design configurations that are unavailable anywhere else. Our production is equipped to meet your quantity needs, whether they are small amounts for research and development or production-level runs for commercialization (we currently specialize in large lots of undoped YVO4/Nd:YVO4 laser slabs; Cr4+:YAG/Nd:YAG microchips; and sapphire/Yb:YAG disks). We feature high-end measurement equipment in-house that allows us to provide advanced in-process and post-processing evaluations and have established a superior quality control system, effectively allowing us to deliver products that meet or exceed our customers' specifications.

Onyx specializes in the custom fabrication of AFB® composite optical components and therefore serves a "one-stop shop" for finished optics. We will custom-create your component from start to finish through the stages of material acquisition, Adhesive-Free Bonding (AFB®), surface finishing, and coating. We’ll work with you through the phases of demonstration of feasibility, product and process development, all the way to production. Onyx continues to pioneer advancements in the application of AFB® every day.