Properties of Composites

Although there are differences between composites, the following summary of properties applies to most representative combinations.

Pump Geometries
Adhesive-Free Bond (AFB®) is useful for end-, face-, and side-pumped laser geometries to greatly reduce thermal end-effects and to provide a new degree of engineering freedom for the laser designer. End- and face-pumped systems benefit greatly from AFB® undoped end caps due to the higher damage threshold of the pump end of the laser component and separating the pump absorption from the optical coating. Side-pumped geometries also benefit from higher damage thresholds with AFB® of undoped end caps and high thermal conductivity side claddings.

Mechanical and Thermal properties of composite media, e.g .doped / undoped

  • Flexural strength: Same as non-composite control samples
  • Thermal shock resistance: Same as non-composite controls; no separation at interface during failure
  • Can be finished and optically coated like conventional crystals
  • Dissimilar composites require often compatible coefficients of thermal expansion

Optical Properties

  • Transmitted wave front unchanged can potentially be improved in long rods by selective arrangement of individual components with respect to each other
  • Negligible stress birefringence

Interface Properties

  • Very high laser damage resistance
  • Negligible scatter or absorptive loss
  • Fresnel reflection corresponding to difference in refractive index of components