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Products & Services Overview

Standard AFB® Products

Browse some of Onyx Optics' standard composite offerings, such as rods and slabs with undoped ends and several-layer disk structures. Learn more about Onyx Optics' production composites, including YVO4 slabs, microchip disks, and three-and-five layer waveguide structures.

Specialized AFB® Products
In addition to our standard composite offerings, Onyx Optics can also provide composite structures of unique size, design, geometry, and material. Visit our Specialized AFB® section to see what novel composite optic Onyx may be able to offer you.

Non-Linear Optics
Offering AFB® OPO and walk-off corrected NLO devices. Visit our Nonlinear Optics section to learn more about these custom-designed components.

Novel Direct Pressure Orientation (DPO) Chalcogenide components
Onyx Optics, Inc. is cooperating in a CRADA (Cooperative R&D Agreement) with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). During this CRADA, Onyx has invented a novel means of orienting a large percentage of the grains of polycrystalline chalcogenide components and diffusion bonding them into laser components for AFRL. This has resulted in close to theoretical optical transmittance by eliminating scattering at the lower wavelength limit and demonstrating a diffusion gradient between Cr2+:ZnSe and undoped ZnSe in the direction of the applied pressure.

Although Onyx Optics' primary specialty is our Adhesive-Free Bond®, we also possess equipment for optical finishing, mechanical and optical measurement, and others. Search our Services section to see what Onyx may be able to offer for your composite or non-composite optics.