Material Combinations

Materials that can be Adhesive-Free Bonded (AFB®) include common laser host media such as oxides (YAG, GGG, Sapphire, Spinel), fluorides (YLF, LuLiF, S-FAP), vanadates (YVO4, GdVO4), and other crystals, as well as glasses. In selected compatible cases (for example YAG/Spinel, YAG/Sapphire and YAG/Glass), dissimilar materials may be AFB®'d with high bond strength.

AFB® composites are available with the following materials, and we welcome inquiries regarding the feasibility of any materials not listed:

  • Doped/undoped single crystal composites of same crystal structure and coefficients of thermal expansion
  • Garnets: YAG; LuAG; GGG; GSGG; BIG; TGG
  • Other oxide crystals: YVO4; GdVO4, YALO (YAP); perovskites; sapphire, spinel
  • Fluorides: YLF; LuLiF; CaF2; S-FAP
  • Doped/ undoped optical ceramics
  • Ceramic YAG
  • Ceramic sesquioxides: Lu2O3
  • Polycrystalline chalcogenides: ZnSe; ZnSe; CLEARTRAN®
  • Other optical ceramics
  • Ceramic spinel
  • Aluminum oxynitride
  • Glasses and glass ceramics
  • Laser glasses; other optical glasses; fused silica; low expansion glass ceramics
  • Dissimilar materials (i.e. diamond/YAG; GaN; others; sapphire/ laser glass; YAG/glass)
  • Single crystals or optical ceramics with selected laser or optical glasses
  • Heat spreaders: diamond/laser media; silicon carbide/laser media
  • Semiconductor metals
  • Silicon; germanium; GaAs; InSb
  • Nonlinear optical crystals
  • LiNbO3; KTP; LBO; BBO; ZGP; α-quartz; others
  • High-quality optical coatings at interfaces are available